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September 2013 | Crain’s Detroit Business Covers AlphaUSA’s Deep Dig into Data   Read more.

June 2013 | Fueling Passion to Make Things First annual contest recognizes young inventors with creative ideas Read more.

May 2013 | Passion For People AlphaUSA's community work featured in Livonia Observer & Eccentric Read more.


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Product Technology Spotlight

The TurnAnut™

The TurnAnut™ is a patented tensioning device that attaches a hex nut to its precisely matched TurnaSure® DTI.  In this assembly, a cumbersome— especially at hundreds of feet off the ground—four-piece assembly (nut, DTI, hardened washer and bolt) is simplified into an ergonomically sound and much safer two-piece assembly.  The TurnaSure® DTI’s unique geometry allows for the DTI to be fixed directly under the nut-and-washer assembly with superior tightening results—and without highly controlled lubricity. 

Unlike torque-based methods, the TurnAnut™ utilizes the TurnaSure® DTI’s friction-reducing properties, lowering the required torque force and removing the need for highly controlled lubricity.  The result is a stream-lined, efficient device with cost-savings in transport, handling, tightening, and assembly—and no “fiddle factor.”

High accuracy applied clamping force is the best assurance that a joint will not loosen over time, and the TurnAnut™ provides exactly that.  Learn more about the TurnAnuthere

NextGenAlpha : Blog

Alphatraz Yes you read that correctly, Alpha-traz. If you’ve ventured to the bottom of’s FAQs you may have wondered at the question “How can we get Alphatraz to play at our next event?” >Read more. 

Lean Boot Camp Comes to AlphaUSA AlphaUSA hosted our annual week-long Kaizen Bootcamp, with enough participants for two separate labs. Fourteen participants from across the country (some from as far as Oregon and Florida) came out to see “lean” in action. >Read more. 

 Alpha’s Going Lean Lean is all about being organized and more efficient, using less work to maintain or exceed the same quality product. AlphaUSA is continually transforming our work areas and processes to be lean.  >Read more.

New Symphonic Composition Inspired by SS United States Makes Waves at Abbey Road Studios AlphaUSA is proud to support the restoration of the historic ocean liner SS United States, and the ship continues to fascinate. >Read more. 

Over 300 New Backpacks for Livonia Kids Years ago, when they were running Wright’s Hardware on 5 mile, Livonia Treasurer Dennis Wright and his wife started a back-to-school initiative to supply needy Livonia children with school supplies.  >Read more. 

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