From right, founder George Strumbos,
the Livonia mayor, and George’s
brother-in-law, John Kantgias.

George Strumbos receiving the key to the city from the Mayor of Livonia, 1967.

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Alpha History

1957 Company founding by George Strumbos.  A WWII veteran, husband, and father to four children, George partners with a former colleague and his brother-in-law to start Hi-Lock Fasteners, Inc., the first of Alpha’s many incarnations.  The company facility, located on Beaufait in Detroit, manufactures mostly washers at this point.

1960s  Hi-Lock Fasteners, Inc. becomes Washers, Incorporated.  Washers, Inc. then moves to Woodbridge Street in Detroit in 1967, followed two years later by a move to the current location on Glendale Avenue in Livonia, MI.  Alpha is one of the first businesses to locate in Livonia, which at this time is a young, developing suburb of Detroit.  The company’s plot, on the corner of Farmington Road and Glendale, was converted from a gravel pit.

Mid-1980s  Washers, Inc. directs its engineering, product-development and manufacturing skills beyond the fastener industry and into the heavy truck market for the first time, creating a highly engineered stamped metal spring seat that lowers product cost and saves an average of two pounds in part weight per axle.

1987 George’s son, Nick Strumbos, joins the company after completing military service and several years of running his own small cycling business out of state.

1992 As the company successfully diversifies, George and Nick assume the name Alpha Stamping Company for Washers, Inc. The new name is both a reflection of, and impetus for, movement away from traditional fastener products and into diverse stampings.

1995 Nick Strumbos becomes President and CEO of the company.  By the end of the 90s, Alpha has created a string of diverse companies known collectively as the Alpha Group, adding in-house processing including coatings, plating, and a corporate technical center.  It was in this period that Alpha began to enhance its product complexity and diversity with nut-and-bolt assemblies and other specialty stampings, leading to four patents between 1995-2000 and the release of its Future Three automotive software.

2000s  Alpha begins honing its energies on the engineering side of manufacturing.  Repositioned as an engineering company, Alpha works with customers during the design phase, engineering and creating products utilizing skills from the previous years.  Alpha’s innovations produce another three patents.

2010s  With expanded capabilities and a broad, new range of industries before it, Alpha strides into the future with another four patented products in the first year.  From military to green energy, medical to heavy industrial, Alpha continues to solidify its reputation for innovation, reliability, quality, and capability.