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When members of the U.S. Military put their lives on the line, Alpha's technology helps keep them safe and battle ready.  Whether it's the bracket securing a machine gun to a U.S. Army tank, or affixing armament to military vehicles that strengthens and reduces gaps in the protective plating, or field repair kits that speed up vehicle fixes so machinery can be put back into action faster, Alpha's innovation and quality is there for them.

    • Value Added Fasteners
    • Metal stampings
    • Aids for ease of assembly, ergonomic assembly
    • Differentials, suspension, engine, transmission
    • Tube and cable routing brackets
    • Fascia attachments
    • Trailer-hitch attachments
    • Clamp-load assurance devices
    • Body-mount attachments
    • Field repair kits
    • Exhaust system wraps for passenger compartment protection
    • Cage code 0R8B8
    • ITAR Registered
    • Veteran Owned Small Business