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With years of experience manufacturing and designing Direct Tension Indicators we provide the world's most comprehensive range of DTI sizes for OEM, Military, Green Energy, Aerospace and Medical applications.

Our DTI is a highly engineered mechanical load cell for every joint that it is installed in.  Found in applications from the major steel structures of the world's tallest buildings to major bridges, military structures, the Space Shuttle Launch Pad, refineries and other industrial structures, this load indicating washer is the simplest solution for properly tensioning bolts. DTI's are significantly more accurate than torque measurement based tightening systems or those that displace flexible silicon, as the strength and integrity of its connection is based on tension, not torque.

Alpha engineers have taken this technology and created a revolutionary new product, the DNA a DTI-Nut-Assembly that resolves a host of issues workers grapple with during assembly and installation.  Hanging from great heights, workers have struggled for decades to juggle the nut, bolt, washer and DTI set-up while hanging on for dear life, and now the DNA offers a simplified design to ease their task. Alpha's DNA links a calibrated DTI to a standard hex nut for tightening cap screws or bolts to a customer's specific requirements, streamlining a four-piece loose assembly into a simple two-piece design, with significant cost savings across the board.

Click here for a video animation of the DNA in action