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At Alpha, we embrace our heritage but we don’t let it determine our future.
The company first began as a proud, high-volume commodity manufacturer. And while Alpha can still provide such capabilities with the best of them, we experienced a metamorphosis that grew Alpha into an engineering and product development based manufacturer.
Alpha is not a new company, but the turn of a new century became the genesis of a mantra that each of Alpha’s team members has been implementing ever since:
    Anticipate customer needs vs. react to them
    Create products for customers vs. respond to existing designs
    Design and lead vs. follow
We don't wait for things to happen, we make them happen
“Alpha builds long-lasting relationships by taking on product design and development challenges. We develop a very detailed understanding of each application by listening carefully and considering our customer's input thoughtfully.  We will then investigate all possible ways that each part can be designed, developed and engineered to meet the challenge that every application brings. Our daily goal is to design Alpha products to provide the highest possible physical integrity of the part at the least possible expense for that part. We engineer for ease of use, a consistent fit, and for our products to provide a robust service life without concerns for warranty issues.”   Robert Stewart, Director - Engineering and Product/Process Development
16 U.S. Patents granted or applied for