“I have worked with the team of Alpha for over 30 years. Alpha has one of the most diverse teams of experts in the stamping field. We have seen their part numbers expand over the years which include many patented parts. The longevity of their team attests to a work place that people want to come to work each day. Alpha is one of our largest customers and I am happy and proud to call many of the Alpha employees friends.”

-Al Ensign, Vice President of Cadon Plating Company

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In real-world applications, consumers who buy products expect them to last long, be strong and not breakdown – whether that be the bracket securing a machine gun to a U.S. Army tank, the bolts and fasteners holding together the thousands of parts on an automobile, or securing the joints in bridges those vehicles drive over.
Such products cannot just simply work – they must not fail.
Alpha gets that concept better than anyone.  That’s why Alpha prides itself on creating unique designs that solve even the most complicated applications. In dozens of cases we’ve fashioned new products our customers didn’t even know they needed, but once applied, simplified their product design, cut costs, added strength, improved assembly process and provided a faster ROI.
We don’t just produce commodities – our innovations lead the way to strength,
safety and satisfaction.