“The team at Alpha practices a theme that sets us apart from all the rest, which is great ‘affection for perfection.’  Our team believes in this strongly, for each other and our customers.  This is our choice, this is the attitude we bring to work daily.  All of us here belong to the Quality Assurance environment.”

-Mike Fischer, Alpha Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

When quality is not the top priority, little else matters. Whether that's a trait found in people,
in products or in services – it just has to be done well.
It’s easy to say Alpha puts quality first, but it’s not a slogan – it’s a fact.
Alpha doesn't consider quality an option, nor does it strive for Six Sigma performance.  Six Sigma tolerates 3.4 ppm--Alpha's Six Sigma tolerates zero.  Our principles for Quality Assurance focus on “fit for purpose” and "make it right the first time, all the time.”
Quality Assurance includes the control of raw materials, assembly production, management and the inspection process. But it also goes way beyond testing. Quality Assurance includes careful, full-time analysis to make sure everything conforms to highly detailed, precise requirements, and that there’s compliance with carefully established plans meeting rigorous specifications.
Quality Assurance is a mindset that realizes the cost of failure is very high – and not just financial costs. Quality Assurance sets the tone for stopping production if necessary until all tests are completed and checked for full compliance.
Quality Assurance is the certainty that all attempts are made to improve and stabilize processes that will eliminate any potential defects in the first place.
Alpha prides itself on getting things done right, the first time.