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In addition to maintaining stamping integrity that’s unmatched in the industry, each and every die is produced and maintained in-house to the highest level of dimensional integrity, and integrity of tools and machinery translates directly into consistent, accurate products from the highest to the lowest volume outputs.

Industry-best production doesn’t stop when the stamping is done. When necessary, Alpha parts are subjected to deburring, cleaning, and burnishing, and of course all parts are validated to ensure that other parts interacting with Alpha products inside a transmission or engine, for example, work in harmony at their peak performance – without any fear of compromise or failure.

For the sake of our customers and no other reason, Alpha has invested in leading-edge technologies for removal of any potential foreign material and for dimensional verification, no matter how big or miniscule. Once sealed for shipment, Alpha customers are guaranteed to receive the highest quality part on today’s market.

High-tolerance flatness specification
• Ferrous and non-ferrous materials
• Martensitic and other high-strength materials
• Readily tooled part catalog
• Part deburring, cleaning, burnishing, validation
• Color identification


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