A summer picnic for our seniors

With AlphaUSA staff working the food line, seniors at the Livonia Senior Center were served up plates of summer grill and picnic dishes. It’s all part of the company’s ongoing community outreach efforts. “Giving back has been part of the company’s DNA for so long,” said Cate Strumbos, family owner of AlphaUSA. “It’s just as important as the work we do – we manufacture.”

The AlphaUSA team has not only built relationships with residents but has established ongoing relationships within the business community.

“We like to give back to the community because the community gives to us,” said Danielle Mayse from Thomas’ Catering as she was flipping burgers on the grill outside. “Our business is based in Livonia and we want to give back to the city where our restaurant is located. We get a lot of referrals from people in Livonia. We like to help out.”

Thomas’ has a strong working relationship with AlphaUSA. “We like them very much,” said Mayse. “We met them when we helped serving the police department for their picnic. They are just an awesome company and I really like working them.”

They specialize in Polish food but offer a very diverse menu. “We are really known for our Polish food at both our restaurant and in our catering business.”

Longtime Livonia resident and volunteer at the senior center looks forward to such events. “This is a great picnic,” Doris Moyer. “I truly enjoy it and what AlphaUSA does for the community is appreciated. The food here is delicious.”

“It is a very good event,” said Angelina Conone, originally from Italy and now a Livonia restaurant owner. “I really enjoy it. I am a good cook but this food was very good. I come to the senior center all the time. I love it. Thanks to the company AlphaUSA for putting this on and to the cooks. The food is good.”

Angelina Conone was enjoying the afternoon with her cousin. “It is great for the seniors to have something like this,” said Theresa Catner, a Livonia resident for 45 years and regular visitor to the senior center. “It is so nice for a company like AlphaUSA to take time out of their day to do this for us. A lot of these people have nowhere to go and when we come here, we are like family. It is really nice to see everyone here enjoying themselves.”

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