A Message of Kindness

The AlphaUSA team gathered for another company BBQ, this time it was to kick of the 4th of July Holiday and to promote a specific message.  Cate Strumbos, chairman of the board and AlphaUSA family member along with company leaders unveiled a T-shirt to share a message of kindness. “Be Kind has been adopted as the slogan for the City of Livonia thanks to Bill Joyner from Friday Musings who is really promoting the slogan,” said Cate Strumbos. “It’s an important message and it is one our company has been sharing all year long.”

With a break in the humidity, Chuck Dardas and team were able to grill up some burgers and hot dogs for a 4th of July weekend kickoff Barbecue.

The T-shirt was designed by an AlphaUSA team that included Veronica Cruz. Veronica and team used the colors of the Olympics which include blue, yellow, white, green, and red; the “Be Kind” message also includes being compassionate, thoughtful, inclusive, genuine, and humble. “The image on the shirt is distressed to show that we are all imperfect, but we all try out best and we all have a common goal,” said Strumbos.

The Mayor of Livonia came out to support the message. “I love the shirt. It speaks to exactly what Livonia is all about,” said Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan.  “This message of kindness is what our neighborhoods are all about, what our businesses are about and what our community is all about – we are a kind and compassionate city, and the shirt says it all.”

Employees proudly sported the t-shirt shirt. “I like the shirt a lot and what it representants, especially in these times. It is a message of what we should strive for and how we should act around each other,” said Rhonda Meyers, inspector/coordinator for AlphaUSA. “I am so proud that our company is supporting this message.”

Tina Riches also plans to wear the shirt regularly. “It’s great message to share out in the world,” said Riches who is in quality control for AlphaUSA.

“We hope everyone enjoyed the break today and the wonderful food; we want to wish everyone a great summer,” said David Lawarence, executive Vice President for AlphaUSA.

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