Clarenceville Senior wins the LITES Scholarship funded by AlphaUSA

Alyssa Kellaway, as senior at Clarenceville High School won a scholarship for $6,000 a year for five years. She plans on studying Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mathematics at Kettering University.

She received the award after she entered the LITES program (Lives Improve Through Engineering & Science) for junior girls. “My engineering teacher and my old assistant principal helped me get into this program,” she noted. She also expressed gratitude to AlphaUSA for their contribution. “They were generous in helping pay for LITES. “I try to spend as much time as I have with friends and family,” she said. I got interested in engineering by talking with my family and teachers at school.”

LITES is a two-week residential program created by Kettering University. LITES Introduces young women to what engineers and scientists do and how they improve people’s lives through math, science, and technology to find solutions to human problems. All classes and labs are taught by our amazing faculty. Students also have opportunities to strike up meaningful relationships with female mentors.

Alyssa grew up in Livonia and looks back at her time in school as a fun experience. “The teachers were accommodating and explained thoroughly what the topic was about,” she noted. “They took their time trying to get us involved and I became entertained with the topic. The mentors were very helpful with any questions we asked. If they didn’t know the answer, they would ask everyone to find it out.”

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