Enjoying an Employee Picnic to kick off Memorial Day Weekend

June 2021

It has been a tough year for the country. The AlphaUSA team stepped up to the challenge by forging ahead through the pandemic. As the country moves past the COVID-19 crisis, the Livonia-based manufacturing company celebrated the unofficial start of the summer season with an outdoor picnic and BBQ on the Thursday before Memorial Day.

“It’s fantastic to be out here, doing something together. It’s been quite a year; I know that is really an understatement,” said David Lawrence, Exec. VP, Chief Administrative Officer, speaking to the employees at the picnic. You all did such hard work this year and that’s why we are able to be out here to celebrate.”

Going without masks outdoors was also perk. “It’s good to have the masks off and see people’ faces,” said Don Spring, manufacturing manager. “We are turning the corner and people are talking more. They are not afraid to interact. The spring weather is like a new beginning. Getting outside helps boost people’s spirits.”

Lori Zielinski would agree.I am so glad,” she said. “The BBQ is awesome. We miss events like this; it’s so nice to get back to pre-covid days. The social distancing did not bother me as much as having to wear a mask.”

Bonnie Farr who works in shipping and receiving, as a packer and high-low driver looks forward to the company BBQ events. “I love it,” she said. “It feels great to move past COVID. It is so much less stress. I love the BBQs; they always have plenty of food; we can get seconds and thirds. These event really boosts morale.

Max Linder was visiting AlphaUSA. “This is great,” said Linder. “I love it. I like the BBQ and seeing how Alpha appreciates their employees and I appreciate the invitation. It’s a great opportunity for me to communicate with people and hang out with the team.

Robert Stewart, Executive Director of Engineering at AlphaUSA was hanging out with Linder. “I love the BBQ and I love Alpha,” he said. “We have not been able to get together like the friends and coworkers that we are and it is so great we are able to do this again. It’s awesome.”

Representing the Mayor’s Office, Dave Varga, Director of Administrative Services, City of Livonia enjoyed the afternoon with his wife Denise.

“Unfortunately, the Mayor couldn’t be here but she is a big supporter of businesses like AlphaUSA. These are the companies putting us back to work,” said Varga. “The work that is done in the industrial sector in Livonia that Alpha leads is so incredibly important in getting the state back on track. What Alpha did during the COVID pandemic, making the face shields, was just phenomenal in helping first responders.”

From the start of the pandemic, AlphaUSA stepped up to help.  “We immediately tried to figure out what we could do, not only to keep our employees safe but to keep the community safe,” said Lawrence.  “So, we made face shields and partnered with Ford to make parts for ventilators. We have always been a responsible company. We are agile and flexible; we try to figure things out especially for our customers and the community.  That is what we did during the pandemic.”

During COVID-19, life and work was restrictive. Like many companies, AlphaUSA had to follow many safety requirements. “We had to follow guidelines and keep everyone safe,” said Lawrence. “We are still trying to keep everyone safe but from what we have learned from the data and science, the CDC and state of Michigan requirements, it’s safe to be outside without masks and we are taking advantage of that.”

The rules still apply with indoor requirements to mask and continue social distancing.  “Our employees did all the right things this year, staying safe, following new procedures and it was not easy for anyone,” said Lawrence. “Our employees are getting vaccinated. It is time to celebrate and have fun.”

AlphaUSA always looks for opportunities to include others and collaborate with the community.  “I think it is great we are moving past COVID-19 and we can back to somewhat of a normal,” said Varga. “Alpha is such a great community partner, continuing to do so many things in our community and supporting the city anyway they can. The way they support their employees is a great example. It is a nice sunny day. We are not wearing masks because we are outside.”

The company will continue to move forward and celebrate success throughout the year.  “I think it is really exciting and freeing to be outside and enjoy each other’s company,” said Lawrence. “It shows we are a great team. We like to do things together and celebrate together. It shows that a lot of people did a whole lot of hard work to get us through this pandemic. There were so many companies that suffered through the pandemic. We forged ahead and now we celebrate our hard work.” 

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