Inducted in Livonia’s City Hall of Fame

Inducted in Livonia’s City Hall of Fame

In its 15th Year of honoring Livonians for their contributions in education, the arts, civil rights, healthcare, business, law, sports, government, volunteerism and history, AlphaUSA’s President and CEO Chuck Dardas was inducted in the 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame.

Richard William (Bill) Joyner – founder of 1835 Livonia City Hall of Fame and Friday’s Musings – introduced Chuck the night he was honored at the Historic Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church in Livonia. Joyner explained – in part – that leadership focuses on much more than personal ambition and that Chuck embodies all things good in a leader.

He also noted that there is a growing need for corporate leadership, those who can navigate the business world and accept the responsibility of giving back to the community.   “We honor Chuck Dardas who is a rare breed of focused leadership,” said Joyner, “who understands that future generations will be better off with what we do today, not just on paper, but with ideas implemented.”

He shared some of the many contributions AlphaUSA has made in the community led by Chuck including opening the food pantry in Livonia Schools, buying needed instruments for students wanting to learn music, launching the Tour De Livonia,  on bicycles, opening the doors of AlphaUSA on Manufacturing Days so students can get a glimpse into real manufacturing while learning from experts in the industry, hosting the book club at the senior center and the Young Inventors program where Middle School students are encouraged to reinvent something and present their inventions.

“The ‘Dardas template’ provides an understanding that by networking and infusing a multitude of networks with new ideas and enthusiasm a community can stay young by being young,” said Joyner. “Chuck answers the question [is] leadership possible without the purpose of personal ambition.”

In the program book, it was written that “Chuck has used his expertise and knowledge base to develop a proactive corporate narrative across the range of community organizations – from education to art and culture, from our youth to our seniors.”

The audience stood and applauded as Chuck took to the podium.

“I feel like I represent a village inside of Livonia,” said Chuck. “I am part of this small village that is about ‘we and us’ and not ‘I and me’ … our village is unique as we strive to make our community better … this award doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the ‘we and us.’”

Chuck acknowledged his own family as well as the AlphaUSA family including the founders, the Strumbos family. He also credited Livonia schools, the colleges and the Livonia Chamber as he noted the “we and us” that enables him to give back at the scale as he has over the years. 

“So maybe I have ideas,” but I am a reflection of these people and they are they are reflection of me…I started writing down who my village was but I began to run out of paper…I am representing all these people with this award and the work we all do.”

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