Large Stamping

Alpha’s roots and sterling reputation started with our metal stamping products. 
Part of quality control and assurance rests in the purchase and detailed maintenance of the best presses in the world today, ranging in size from 20 ton to over 600 ton. Alpha supports an annual visit from the original press manufacturer so that its technical team can give a full top-to-bottom evaluation and return presses to full factory specifications as needed.

This is extremely important for stamping accuracy, dimensional integrity and fit for purpose–the only standards Alpha accepts in order to exceed full satisfaction of our customers.

Alpha’s level of dedication to stamping quality is second to no one. 
    • Robust design for conservation of materials and reduction of operator effort 
    • Manufacturing including ferrous and non-ferrous materials 
    • Feed capability up to 5/8″ (16 mm) 
    • High, medium and low volume solutions

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