Livonia Kids and Families Logo Design winner picks the winning ticket for the Livonia Symphony Orchestra Guitar Raffle

December 2020

Amber Lee Vlasblom, a senior at Clarenceville High School pulled the lucky ticket at the Livonia Symphony Orchestra Custom Alembic Bass Guitar Raffle held on December 5th.

“It is really exciting to be here,” she said before the winning ticket was drawn at the Livonia Chamber of Commerce building.

“It’s is music lovers dream gift,” said Emily Bauman, Board Member and Raffle Chair.  “We were happy to have one of our own talented students pick the winning raffle ticket.

Amber won an art contest for Livonia Kids and Family as an art student in Livonia schools. She was among many participating students and her logo design was chosen as the first-place winner in the contest and now her art design is the new logo of Livonia Kids and Families.

Amber who grew up in Livonia always loved art and started learning photography before entering high school.

“There are so many people who don’t feel pretty or beautiful so I like to make people laugh and capture those beautiful moments,” she said. “I also like capturing nature which is also so beautiful.”

Amber  became enamored by photography when she borrowed her uncle’s camera. “We saw her talent and registered her in an online photography class” said Gina Vlasblom, Amber’s mother. “Since she was little, we noticed her artistic talent. We would do arts and crafts and she was so natural at it.”

Amber also earned an academic scholarship from the College of Creative Studies (CCS) worth $88,000. She plans on studying photography.

This bass guitar was appraised at $12,000 but these guitars are known to increase in value. They are all custom, no two are alike. This one is made out of a single piece of wood.

Amber picked the ticket belonging to Randy Eschels who now owns the guitar, “which in itself is a piece of art,” said Bauman. “Due to a generous donor, 100 percent of the ticket sales will go to support future LSO operations.”

The Livonia Symphony Orchestra is a 47-year-old nonprofit organization under the music direction of Volodymyr Shesiuk and Board direction of President, Robin Whitfield.


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