Design. Engineer. Prototype. Manufacture. Deliver.


Our full-service engineering and design team will develop a product to meet your needs, delivering a prototype within hours. We can manufacture your product with a variety of finishes and offer an array of support and accredited laboratory services exceeding industry expectations.

Product Design Engineering

We embrace engineering challenges at Alpha. Our customers depend on us to find solutions with our engineering and design expertise. Sometimes the part you need doesn’t exist or it could be produced more simply and cost-effectively. Alpha uses NX, AutoCAD Inventor 3D, VISI as well as communicates with other software platforms. From us you can expect:

• Robust design
• Weight reduction
• Added strength
• Ease-of-assembly
• Reduced complexity
• More than 28 U.S. Patents granted or applied for

Forming Processes

Developing innovative products requires the right technology and manufacturing know-how. Alpha has what it takes to convert metals into the product you need.

• Progressive-die operation
• Compound-die capability
• Moderate to high-speed forming operations with high multiple out per hit
• In-die component installation
• Forming presses capable up to 1,000 ton
• State-of-the-art servo-driven slide forming
• Radial parts forming capability
• Fully staffed and highly trained toolroom operation

Welding & Assembly

Our expertise in value-added assemblies sets Alpha apart. We offer a variety of assembly services.

• In-die component installation
• Robotic GMAW capability
• Resistance weld capability
• Manual assembly operations

Product Finishing

Our products are delivered complete, with proper hardness and the right finish. Our product finishing services include:

• Heat treating
• Customer-specified finishes
• Thermal barrier films
• Overmolding

Product Verification

Alpha uses state-of-the-art equipment to validate dimensional capability.

• Optical vision systems
• Optical comparators
• Optical scanning
• Automated mechanical certification

Accredited Laboratory

To ensure the highest quality product, Alpha’s quality lab is ISO 17025 registered and A2LA Certified.

• Glow Discharge Spectrometer for product chemistry and raw material integrity
• Design validation of fabricated products
• Compression load testing
• Torque testing, twist-out and rundown
• Push-out, tensile and installation force
• CMMs for product layout and approval
• Optical product validation
• Hardness testing

Prototyping & 3D Printing

In order to validate fit and function, Alpha creates prototypes in hours.

Rapid prototyping using 3D printing
• Rapid prototyping using DMLS
• Production intent metal fabrication for design validation


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