We believe in Community Service.

Culture & Community

We are aware of our social responsibility in the global marketplace we serve. We adhere to principals that protect the wellbeing of our employees and enable us to give back to the community.

The future of the communities where we live and work was important to founder George Strumbos and is very much still part of the company’s fabric.  What we do to help our youth today will have an impact on their success tomorrow. That is why we participate in National Manufacturing day where kids tour our facilities and learn about the possibilities of a career in manufacturing.

We also support our schools with Backpacks, Crayola Crayons, 3D printers and other needed materials, because we believe knowledge is power.  And our management and engineers are the biggest kids when we host the Co2 Car Races in our facility.

We salute our military and first responders who unselfishly put themselves in harm’s way, everyday so we can live and work safe.  We reach out to all generations of our community from our youth to our seniors. We are not only building a business in the community, we are very much part of it.

News & Recent Press Releases

Senator Dayna Polehanki visits AlphaUSA

As a resident of Livonia, Senator Dayna Polehanki always had an interest in manufacturing. “I often drive by these buildings in the Livonia and wonder what goes on inside,” she said. “I heard great things about Alpha from my Chief of Staff who is a Livonia School Board Member. He is well aware of AlphaUSA’s philanthropy. He said this company is one of the premier companies when it comes to working with the schools and the community.”

Dayna Polehanki is a 16-year public school teacher and small business owner and is serving her first term in the 7th District.


Delving into Diversity and Inclusion

AlphaUSA proudly sponsored the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion Seminar hosted by the Livonia Chamber of Commerce and held at Schoolcraft College VistaTech Center.

The event took place on May 1, 2019.

“It is not easy to look at ourselves and identify shortcomings, but this session seemed to bring constructive enthusiasm to the discussion,” said Dan West, president and CEO of the Livonia Chamber of Commerce.  “We hope those who joined us were inspired to make the needed changes to build inclusive workplaces. As more people feel understood at work, this leads to increased productivity.”

Speakers Freda Sampson and Steve Spreitzer focused on open minds and open markets that highlighted conscious and unconscious ideas and actions in the workplace.

AlphaUSA believes in the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce and was glad to join with the other business leaders in supporting a very important discussion for our employees and community.

Supporting local groups at the annual Livonia Business Expo

AlphaUSA proudly supported the Livonia Business Expo on May 10, 2019. This annual event is hosted by the Livonia Chamber of Commerce.

“This event gives businesses of all sizes a chance to connect with people and promote their goods and services to the people walking throughout Laurel Park Place,” said Dan West, president and CEO.

 AlphaUSA partnered with other organizations including the Livonia Symphony and Seedlings to promote their missions and highlight the wonderful work they do for the community.

“We really appreciate AlphaUSA working with us… to bring awareness to the symphony.” – Emily Bauman.Originally known as the Oakway Symphony, the Livonia Symphony Orchestra (LSO) was officially founded in 1973 by Francesco Di Blasi.  In its 40-year history, the LSO has distinguished itself in terms of its conductors, musicians, concert programs and audience attendance.  “We really appreciate AlphaUSA working with us to bring awareness to the symphony,” said Emily Bauman stationed at the booth.

Meanwhile, Seedlings is a non-profit organization that increases opportunities for literacy by providing high quality, free and low-cost braille books to children. “We are very grateful to AlphaUSA, a huge supporter of us,” said Karen Smith.

Food pantry inside Livonia school now helps families across the district

, Detroit Free Press

It was an opportunity for educators not only to get a first-hand look at today’s manufacturing but find ways to partner with businesses when teaching new skills to students. “We can collaborate with companies like AlphaUSA by giving students an opportunity to see real manufacturing and students and staff learning from experts in the industry from a real-life perspective, not just academic,” said Kevin Lane, principal…


Educators getting a look at today’s manufacturing

It was an opportunity for educators not only to get a first-hand look at today’s manufacturing but find ways to partner with businesses when teaching new skills to students. “We can collaborate with companies like AlphaUSA by giving students an opportunity to see real manufacturing and students and staff learning from experts in the industry from a real-life perspective, not just academic,” said Kevin Lane, principal…


Rethinking the future of Education

Alpha’s Own’s Chuck Dardas offers insights on the importance of working to learn

More than 300 people came together on Thursday, February 7 for the Schoolcraft College Foundation’s event centered around the topic of rethinking the future of education and work in the state of Michigan. Presented by “acclaimed futurist” Heather McGowan, the event featured a panel of industry professionals.


Let’s have lunch!

A couple of times during the year AlphaUSA hosts lunches for their employees. It’s all part of the effort to create a family environment within the company. A team serves hot dogs, hamburgers and some side dishes to the staff. They also host such lunches around the community. AlphaUSA also hosted a Chillin’ & Grillin’ party at the Livonia Senior Center which featured Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips, watermelon, lemonade and ice cream; the ice cream is being provided by the 16th district court. There were 175 seniors along with some AlphaUSA staff and volunteers the one in 2018. “We host these staff lunches and similar ones at the Police and Fire events in a community-based spirit,” said Chuck Dardas, president and CEO. “Simply put, WE LOVE LIVONIA! And, we want to give back to the senior community and our staff. We also want to thank our beloved first responders who risk their lives every day for us.”

The AlphaUSA Book Club

Since July 2013,  Chuck Dardas, president and CEO of AlphaUSA, has been hosting book club groups at the Senior Center in Livonia. The club meets about six times a year to discuss the latest book Chuck buys for the entire group. What started out with a dozen readers is now up to more than 50 participants. In March of 2019, the group met to discuss a fictional book based on a true story that took place during the Holocaust. Lilac Girls was written by Martha Hall Kelly. Readers contributed their opinions about the book. Chuck also engaged the group in a discussion about history along with content about the book.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to read it but I thought it was a good read especially for those who don’t believe that concentration camps existed,” said one woman with Polish and German heritage.

“I thought it was quite enlightening that it wasn’t just Jewish people murdered in the war; there were non-Jewish Polish people killed. I visited Auschwitz twice,” said a Polish American.

Eighth Annual Young Inventors program looks for the next big invention

Livonia, MI (January 15, 2019) — Middle School students in Wayne County are vying for top spots in the Young Inventors Award Program.

Top finalists will be acknowledged on Thursday, January 17 at 6:30 p.m. A team of judges reviewed each project and picked the top two winners from each school and top three overall. The judges included five team members from Alpha USA.


Young Inventors Program Kicks Off Week Of Events

Livonia, MI – The Young Inventors program kicked off with a week of events designed to be sessions of inspirational messages about the program. A number of speakers visited students at schools throughout Wayne/Westland, Livonia, Clarenceville, and Garden City where they discussed cars, inventions, and creativity. 



Suppliers dig deep efficiency

The family-owned supplier installed data collection terminals at its reorganized workstations late last year in an attempt to streamline production and find new ways to manage increased capacity without adding physical floor space or machines. The North American automotive industry is preparing for 32 new and remodeled vehicle launches in 2014. In response, the supply base is finding ways to collect and analyze “big data” to improve product planning, streamline development and meet the industry’s aggressive launch schedules over the next three years.


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