Senator Dayna Polehanki visits AlphaUSA

Although Senator Polehanki heard much about AlphaUSA, she wanted to see for herself. She visited in June of 2019 and also took a tour of the plant. “The facility itself is so impressive,” she said.  “People here seem very happy. This is the type of thing I really like to see. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to come inside and see the stamping, tool and die, the lab and hear about all the community outreach programs.”

A team of AlphaUSA members sat down with the Senator to talk about community outreach, manufacturing, business and education.  They shared the stories about the Food Pantry in the Livonia Schools where families in need are able to pick up non-perishable food items. They told the story about the Young Inventors Program that continues to grow where Middle School kids enter a contest to invent a product and their work is judged and winners are selected; all the students are honored at annual banquets dinner. They shared the stories about the annual Co2 races where kids enter a different kind of contest. They build and decorate their own wooden cars and race them. AlphaUSA staff shared a variety of community outreach stories that included, seniors, students and police and fire.

Chuck Dardas, president and CEO, with team members shared many community outreach stories with Senator Polehanki.

Meanwhile, Senator Polehanki truly appreciates the support of the community would like to see more companies follow AlphaUSA’s lead. “We need more funding for education. What people don’t always understands is that it takes more money to educate kids with special needs or who are at risks than it does to educate kids in general education. We need businesses to keep talking about school funding and become a cohesive voice on this issue. Legislators listen. When businesses talk, we listen.”

Senator Polehanki looks forward to continuing her relationship with AlphaUSA. “I know that this company is very action oriented and when Chuck asked me what Alpha could do to help me better service the constituents, I knew he was serious and would come through with what I asked, so I really wanted to think about that question,” she noted. “I want to think about the right program that helps others that would make sense. This company is so passionate about helping kids. I also love that Alpha targets Middle School aged kids.”

She also noted that this tour was different than others she has taken since being elected. “I will sometimes go on tours and the conversation is a lot about government affairs and legislation and policy and but here at AlphaUSA that was the last thing we did,” she said.  “We talked about the great things AlphaUSA does for kids and Flip the Script Program which I appreciate was put on my radar. I am so impressed with the emphasis here on the community, on the outreach first and oh yeah, we also make these auto parts that are precise and used to make cars.”



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